MUNICH LIMITED: First of all, congratulations on your diploma at the Akademie der Künste München! How does it feel?

Ana: Thank you so much! It feels like “ohh – you have no idea what I have been going through”. No honestly, the feeling is great. At some point you reach the moment where you don´t feel like being a student anymore, even at the Academy of Fine Arts. You are hungry for some other challenges and eager for some new battles.


MUNICH LIMITED: Looking back at your art studies, what were the most inspiring moments or learnings that marked your development as an artist?

Ana: I have developed gradually. With a lot of observations. Just the fact to be able to consume art in a very intense and direct way, in various forms, inevitably builds up your good judgment on art. From the good judgment other things are easier to upgrade. The ability to distinguish between good and bad work is exactly what is the most valuable thing I will take from the Academy. Behind me will also stay long summer days, spent in the magnificent studio of the Academy, sharing work and life with people who carry the same issues and the same joy as you. And that is, you will agree, not a small thing.


MUNICH LIMITED: Art wasn’t your first study. Before that you studied design. How did this influence your path or perspective as an artist?

Ana: Design has been my passion for a short period. Very soon I realized that this is something that I cannot hold on to long. Yes, from time to time it is interesting to jump into this adventure but I don´t consider myself neither talented nor responsible for such a job. On the other hand dealing with design brought practice of systematic thinking in my work, focusing more on the procedure and exercise of my eyes. Design gave me an unmistakable feeling when the colors are concerned.


MUNICH LIMITED: Is your participation in our collection part of an experiment between the worlds of design and art?

Ana: Working on this project with MUNICH LIMITED, which I honestly think is the extraordinarily example how art and design can well support each other, it was an adventure for me but also a serious challenge. When you do something you want to be the best possible, and today there is a small line between kitsch and good taste. I find it very exciting to observe all the ways art comes to different people and what their reactions are.


MUNICH LIMITED: Can you say a few words about the painting which we selected for our scarf collection? It is part of a series with strong colors, movements and signals..

Ana: That’s right. The basis of my paintings are the colors and the composition of the figures. The idea was to develop through the colors a materiality and dynamic, where I allow the viewer to decide what is the story behind the figure. The painting that is part of the MUNICH LIMITED N°1 collection is coming from a resembling serie where figures are positioned as shapes of dancing or floating bodies in a passionate ecstasy. It was a phase in which I have reduced my picture elements, to make the color spectrum more varied and complex.


MUNICH LIMITED: What comes next? Where will we see your work?

Ana: Now I’m working between Munich and Cologne. It is very important to displace ourselves from the routine and give us a chance for a new perspective and new solutions. At the moment I need distance from academic life. The next months I will spend in the studio in Cologne, working for a solo exhibition which is planned this June at the Art and Space Gallery in Munich. I hope to see you all there.


Thank you, Ana, for taking your time! All the best for you and lots of success for the preparation of your exhibition in June at the Art and Space Gallery in Munich!


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