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May 1, 2022

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Just came back from NYC, and I am extremely jet-lagged.

NY has been everything I wanted and more!

Now that I am back, it’s time for the studio to work on a new series. If you go andread about my 2022 resolution and plans, you can find detailed descriptions of the”Awesome Overturn” project.

Basically, I have been painting for the last four months on the floor that I covered with extra canvas. This extra canvas is now full of random color marks from cleaning the brushes, walking over it, and drips from the previous series. It’s time to take off this canvas from the floor and put it upright, so I can see exactly what happened and how I am going to continue.

The plan is to add on these random splashes some organized moves and form some sort of figure from it all. Still not sure how I am going to do it, I need to see the canvas on the wall. That will be a real challenge as the canvas is 2 times 16 feet/meters long. Probably I will need two more helpers (or one very strong) to move it Now, that my right hand is still in pain from my injury, it is really hard to be working at full power.

Awesome Overturn should be done by fall, as I normally work on one series a few months, and usually have three series per year. In the past, summer has been always my most productive period, but that has changed over the years, and now I mostly feel comfortable when it’s cold outside. I really wish this summer to be different, as I couldn’t work at full capacity since the beginning of the year and I need some good work to come out. Especially for the sake of my wellbeing. That feeling after you produce good work is so satisfying and can’t be compared with anything I know. The feeling of sense and purpose. The feeling of tiredness and stability. Hard but meaningful work is always providing you with blessings and peace. Always.

Spring is finally here in Germany and my bike is ready for my daily tours to the studio and back. I got myself new glows and just need the lights to be installed. I
need about 25 min to get there if I don’t count the stop for the coffee pick-up. I am a child of routine. You can see me doing the same things every day. Same coffee place, same coffee, always the same steps when I enter the studio. First I put the coffee on the table, then open the balcony door, change my clothes, close the door, and sit to have a coffee. Always the same. Nothing would happen if I don’t do it this way, but I just like it how it is. After the trip to NY, I realize how much I have on my back with everything that this job requires. Not that I didn’t know until now, but now is the time not to carry out so many operations on my own. The amount and variety of my duties are frightening. Handling the social media presence, monthly podcasts, daily interaction with people, emails, website, portfolios, photo material, organization of transportation, packaging, registration, bookkeeping, building frames, taking down canvases from the frame, getting material, always be in the mood of presenting and talking about the work, events, promotions and of course daily painting in the studio!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and burned out. And the worst of all, it is affecting my duties in the studio. If my head is full and processing very fast, I can’t connect with painting so easily. When I paint, I just need to paint. And not only for a few hours daily, but through the whole phase of working on one series.

To be able of focusing on my painting process, I need an assistant that can be there for me in all other segments periodically. Someone who is good at working with people, is adapting easily to new situations, has a sense of social media esthetic, has good organization skills, knows how to make an artist portfolio, is familiar with Photoshop, can handle transportation matters, has a driver’s license, can help in the studio with building frames, packaging, and presentations. Someone who has the same ambitions. Who wants to work with me for a better tomorrow, stays with me to “the end” and step by step always grows and transforms. As all the work can’t be done from the distance, that person needs to be located in Munich, Germany. Preferably, this job is more for men, as there’s quite some physical work involved. It is a part-time job at this stage, which is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about the art business, has flexible working hours, partly working from home and so much fun!

I need someone to trust, and exchange, I basically need a best friend who can help me progress and someone who evolves together with me. If you know someone who fits the description, or that is even you, please write me at ana.pusica@gmail.com. You can send me a short CV or just a few words about
yourself. Maybe something about your background, personality, and dreams. Doesn’t have to be too long. Really, just a few words.

Now, when I am at the beginning of a new series, it is very important to keep my energy compact and don’t let it drip on anything else. Even, meeting up with the
people I adore can easily distract me. I learn that loneliness can be a very good condition for me to work productively. When I am in the flow, I keep myself out of the news and live in my own bubble. I don’t get bothered about how I look and tend to wear the same clothes every day. I do shower. I do shower. And I wash off the color glued to my hands and legs with a rough toilet brush. I do have another one for regular usage. And not even that helps. So, if you need me this month, don’t call me! On the first of June, when I come back to you with my next blog, we will know how the series “Jumbo Overturn” is progressing.

See you then! And thank you for following!